When Kate O’Dell began training me, I was recovering from hip flexor tendinosis from competitive rowing and from a cervical spine injury from a car accident. I also had frequent knee pain that was affecting my ability to take long hikes. After taking a thorough inventory of my injuries and goals, she designed a program to help me reach my fitness goals and to strengthen target areas that would help alleviate my pain. I loved the flexibility of being able to train with her in person as well as remotely whenever it is convenient for me. The program Kate created kept me incredibly motivated and was extremely easy to use. After just a few months I had grown so much in strength that I no longer experienced knee pain in my day-to-day life and was able to resume cardio and outdoor activities that I hadn’t been able to do for years.

-- Sage S.

Sage S.

Kate is hands down the best personal trainer I have ever had, even considering her being in a different city! Since starting with her I have noticed a significant increase in my overall energy levels, and strength. The best thing for me is that I no longer have the nagging aches in my back and knees. I really appreciated how she kept my constraints in mind (new mom, post-pregnancy challenges, demanding work schedule) to create workouts that were just the right length while still being fun and challenging. She would put in a lot of effort into finding videos of exercises with a focus on breaking down the moves precisely, and actually making her own when she did not find ones up to par. That helped ensure I was doing the workouts the right way to get the most benefit out of them. During our personal training sessions over video I was always impressed with how she could tell if I was getting a workout wrong just from which muscles were aching! I also appreciated how Kate would dynamically tweak the weekly workouts based on my feedback. She would also tailor workouts to help me stay on track when I was faced with challenges such as travel to places with limited workout equipment. I have tried multiple personal trainers in the past but never stayed with any for more than 3 or 4 sessions. I have been with Kate for a year and plan to continue because I see the benefits every single day.

-- Vennela S.