In-person training

Want to use just your own body weight to get a great workout? Have some equipment gathering dust in a corner and no good plan for how to use it? Pretty sure of yourself, but would like some technique advice? I’ll train you in the comfort of your own home, no driving to the gym or feeling self-conscious necessary.

Customized programming

I’ll create a customized exercise plan based on your interests, time, and resources. If you’re already a regular gym-goer but just need a plan for what to do when you get there, I’ll write one for your goals. If you want to work with me for a few sessions to develop skills and confidence, and then go it alone, a written program is great for that too. We’ll communicate electronically so I can stay abreast of your progress, and check in in person or by video chat when necessary.

Video chat session

If you’re working with me and want a form check or a bit of face time or motivation, we can do that via video chat rather than having to schedule an in-person session.

Rates and cancellation policy

  • In-home training, single hour-long session – $60
  • In-home training, multiple sessions
    • 5 sessions — $290
    • 10 sessions — $530
    • 15 sessions — $770
  • Customized programming — $100 for 4 weeks of workouts
  • Video chat half-hour session — $20

Cancellation policy

If you have a session scheduled, at least 24 hours’ notice is required to avoid incurring the session charge. Because life happens, I allow 2 last-minute cancellations per year without charge. I will also give you at least 24 hours’ notice if I need to cancel your session.

Kate teaches lunge

What to expect

In your first session we’ll discuss your goals, health history, and I’ll assess your movement to determine a baseline. Health assessments such as weight, measurements, pictures, and estimating body fat are entirely up to you and will be guided by your goals. Then we'll work out!

Strength training
Use equipment or your own body weight to increase muscle strength
Functional fitness
Learn skills and techniques to move pain-free with ease in your everyday life
Technique optimization
I'll examine your current exercise technique to see if there is anything that needs changing or improving
Specific movement goals
Want to finally achieve your first push-up or pull-up? I'll create a workout to get you there.
Injury recovery and rehabilitation
Get back to movement and fitness by training around or gently with your injury after you've been cleared by your doctor